In early 1930´s Don Juan Palacios stablished at the village of Palmira, municipality of La Libertad, Huehuetenango. He began the coffee plantation and also planted corn, tabaco and cow breeding. By that time he had to travel at horse back, and carring on, on mules the coffee for 5 days to take it to Huehuetenango City.

Mr. Juan had one only son, Amadeo Palacios who took over the farm and intensify the coffee plantation.
Amadeo inherited 70 hectares of the entire plantation to his grandson Axel Palacios (fourth generation) in 1997. Axel Palacios knew the Morales brothers Alejandro and Fredy in his childhood being very good friends.

When Fredy started the Rosma Team project of export specialty coffee Axel was invited to join the project and since 2013, Morales and Palacios work in a join venture of producing specialty coffee with the plantation that they run together as LOS SUSPIROS.

"Los Suspiros" means "the sighs. Imagine a breath of fresh air, which you get a lot of when taking in the endless vistas of massive valleys when visiting the area. Los Suspiros is mostly planted in Caturra and Bourbon and they are producing washed, honey and natural process coffees. 

The wet mill station and  sun drying for specialty coffees is at Huehuetenango valley,  where Rosma Team decide  if the cherries are going to be fully washed coffee,  honey  or natural, These three styles are always  analyzed, if  is cloudy season (especially for honeys),  good sunny  days (for naturals)  or normal days ( for fully washed).  Part of the season  we split the crop  and simultaneously 
we do  fully washed processes and  naturals.
Comment  from a Friend” Los Suspiros is a brand new coffee it really stood out with its syrupy flavor profile and clean finish. The cup is filled with notes of ripe, juicy mango, red cherry and canned peaches, with a crisp finish and hint of florals.”
Rosma Team.

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