The Rosma Coffeeland Team has inherate from the founder Mr. Fredy Morales the sense of social responsibility, where  always the community and the people who collaborates in the works at our farms, and also our associates who works in their own lands.   Here is some of the actions We have been developing with all our projects.

Special varities for small and medium producers:  5 years ago we started to share with our associates seeds and baby plants in order to filled the empty space of chance to have access to specialty coffee.   Since coffee rust started the small producers wanted to plant rust resistance as catimores, and  we  evidence that quality of many of them started to go down,  we decide to share and assist on what to plant and our coffee friends have been changing the catimores and many others Catimor hbrids to special coffee as, bourbon, pacamara, villasarchi, etc.

MICRO CREDITS FOR SMALL PRODUCERS, we have found special credit lines  for small producers to get extra money when they need it the most. Many specific works and special products that should be apply to coffee plantation in determine time are needed and if the producer could not do that specific work on time the coffee plantation may suffer diseases  and the quality may not be the top. The micro credit give the chance to performe all thar special work that plantation need.

Health and medical assistance:
Since early´s 80 Dr. Fredy Morales performeded by himself year after year many medical days for children and workers at FINCA ROSMA, we inherit this great example to follow and we have develop the same journeys our founder.

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